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Idea, Strategy and Exhibition

Ideas are the initial aspect of any project. However, turning these ideas into reality requires strategy. In this case, the best strategy is to employ an experienced project manager who’ll make good use of reliable project management software. And this is where Quantim comes in. Our software will help your organization realize its full potential while staying within the allocated time frame and budget.

Cloud based and Azure security

Cloud-based technology is a pivotal tool for doing online business. Our cloud-based application lets you access Quantim anywhere through your web browser!

Cloud-based technology is a pivotal tool for doing online business. Our cloud-based application lets you access Quantim anywhere through your web browser! With Microsoft Azure servers, you get nothing but top-notch performance and security.

Fee Breakdown and Monitoring

  • Use top to bottom or bottom to top approach for fees breakdown.
  • Use the total fee for the budget and define each stage’s fee or use each stage’s fee to get the total fee.
  • Compare budgets to costs and develop a detailed profit breakdown.
  • Monitor costs against fees, highlighting fee recovery rates, profitability, and total staff costs.
budget profit monitoring

E-timesheets for staff monitoring

E-timesheets for staff monitoring
Timesheets provide a superb alternative for keeping track of all projects, whether simple or complex, by recording the time entry by each individual. That said, electronic timesheets provide a smooth transfer and sharing of real-time information to the whole project team. Here’s how your company will benefit from using Quantim’s e-timesheets:
  • Our timesheets are easy to work with and focus on three primary details – job, date, and task.
  • The use of timesheets as an employee hours tracker combined with monitoring individual tasks helps organizations keep track of performance against scheduled hours.

Control Project Time Flow

Project controls help organizations with task management projects by maintaining control over the overall flow. This includes providing checks and attainable balances to keep everything on track.
  • Use calendar-based resourcing to sort, lock, and unlock tasks.
  • Control project time flow to ensure accurate costs and budgeting.
Control Project Time Flow

Billable Hours

Billable Hours
Billable hours refer to the time spent by personnel working on company projects. These hours are recorded as timesheet data and charged to a client to be paid according to the agreed hourly rate.
  • Create billable and non-billable activities to separate administration activities from project work and determine staff utilization.

Accurately monitor Actual vs Estimated Hours

Estimated hours refer to the amount of time you think it might take someone to complete a task. On the other hand, actuals hours refer to the real-time taken to complete said task. With that in mind, accuracy comes in handy as a critical skill that every project manager should possess to ensure the successful completion of a project.
  • Quantim’s resourcing tool allows you to estimate allocated hours per staff or per role basis costing in real-time.
Accurately monitor Actual vs Estimated Hours

Staff Rates & Rate Cards

Staff Rates & Rate Cards
Today, billable rates are continually changing in relation to staff expertise, competition, evolving business costs, inflation, among other factors. Therefore, it’s essential to employ business flexibility. That said, rate cards promote flexibility to the rates systems of projects.
  • Power of staff custom rates to reduce & manage cost – role-based, project-based, or specific staff-based the way you want.

Time Cost & Expense Tracking

Projects are typically costly, especially when time and expenses aren’t fully accounted for. When a project’s budget cost is exceeded, stakeholders will likely consider the project unsuccessful. It is vital for project managers to employ time tracking timesheets and monitoring the expenses closely.

Time cost and expense management

Monitor Work in Progress

Monitor Work in Progress

As a project manager, you will be required to monitor all ongoing work. This entails all moving parts such as employees, time, budget, schedule, resources, and how they affect the ongoing work. To accomplish this task, you will need to be alert and precise.

  • Our WIP (Work In Progress) module and custom reports will allow you to keep an eye on your project’s progress.

Customer Relationship Management module

Project Management entails several vital moving pieces – planning, file-sharing, scheduling, implementation, etc. All these processes involve maintaining a good client relationship, and this is where your organization will require dedicated project management software.

  • Our CRM module will help you keep track of potential clients, sales outcomes, and customer information.
Global business partnership flat vector illustration. International teamwork, negotiation and success concept. Two partners shaking hands and making agreement.

Saved Templates

Saved Templates
Project templates come in handy to help you capture and re-use the structure and, at times, the content of ongoing projects. These re-usable structures help speed up incoming projects and standardize project operations.
  • Quantim’s templates will help you complete recurring tasks and entry faster with just one click.

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