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Designers in casual clothes is using a laptop. We Are A Solution Driven Team At Quantim, we focus on solutions. Our software will help you with all your project management challenges, such as data migration, time tracking, forecasting, among others. All your work will be in safe hands as you undergo the digital transformation. We Turn Your Ideas Into Reality With Quantim, you can oversee every aspect of your projects from a blank canvas to completion. With incredible power and flexibility, our project management software provides all the tools you need to get things done and stay on top of everything. Smiling Afro-American manager holding open folder while presenting project plan to colleagues We Can Solve Your Business Needs Time tracking and forecasting are essential aspects of any project management tool. Quantim software will solve your business needs by helping you keep track of all your company's resources, including employees. All these are benefits you can test and enjoy during the 7-day free trial period.

Types of Business Reports by Quantim

Types of Business Reports by Quantim

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Analytical Reports

Any change of activities in one project can affect the cost and resources available for other projects or the organization as a whole. That said, analytical technologies help project managers break down complex project data into manageable parts. As a result, organizations can predict future outcomes in real-time while keeping projects on schedule and budget.

Feasibility report

Feasibility Report

Feasibility reports determine whether a project is economically, legally, and technically viable. Simply put, these reports give organizations a clear picture of whether a project is worth the investment or not by listing the positive and negative impacts associated. Feasibility reports are also extremely useful in matters of planning and defining project goals.

Progress Report

Progress Report

Also known as project status reports, progress reports offer a great avenue for project managers to track their project's progress. These reports are either prepared daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Depending on the project length, weekly and monthly reports help an organization identify any foreseeable risks and efficiently handle any cost management challenges.

Conference Report

Conference Report

Conference reports are summarized documents prepared by a designated representative to share the information discussed during the conference. These reports list the meeting's goals, key speakers, what was discussed, how the information applies to the project or organization, etc.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking Report

Timely project completion isn't possible without time tracking reports. An organization's staff are the heart of every project. They play a vital role in seeing projects through, from design to implementation, leading to a company's profits.

Resources Report

Resource Report

Resource reports are crucial for all projects as they provide the company with a clear overview of all resources entailed in a project. They are also helpful in predicting problems before they occur and ensuring transparency in the planning and management process.

Business Intelligence Report

Business Intelligence Report

Business intelligence refers to a combination of strategies used by organizations to make data-driven decisions. Some of these strategies include data mining and visualization, business analytics, and infrastructure, among other business practices. Business intelligence also helps companies compare historical data with current data, thus allowing business forecasting. Essentially, business intelligence reports have numerous advantages to the company. Some of these include increasing workflow speed, cost optimization, improving data quality, streamlining procurement processes, among others.

Forecasting Report

Forecasting & Growth Report

Early financial forecasting is vital for every business venture. Forecasting reports ensure seamless project functioning while promoting room for new business ventures and initiatives. Progress and analytical reports form the basis for growth reports. Through intensive analysis, project managers can determine whether the ongoing projects are still on track to achieving the organization's growth goals as planned.

by using our software business growth will be increase

Finance Reports

Modern project managers are expected to complete projects according to set time and budget and ensure an organization's long-term financial success. That said, project managers are nowadays expected to be financially savvy to execute all responsibilities bestowed on them using a budget planner, among other software. They also contribute to shareholder value by understanding the company's cash flow and how each project fits into it.

Benefits of Quantim Reports

Helps in understanding risks and opportunities.

Indicates financial and non-financial performance.

Helps in making long-term management strategy and policy, as well as business plans.

Streamlines processes, reducing costs, and improving efficiency.

Acts as feedback in internal communication with staff members and teams for self-assessment.

Differentiates decision making and planning.

Accurate and real information shared with shareholders.

Provides the right direction to make important decisions.

Tracks and analyzes the performance and overall health of the business.

Identifies areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.

Helps in future forecasts, marketing plans, guide budget planning, and improves decision-making.