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Slide Take Your Business to the Next Level In these modern times where technology is at our feet, no organization, whether large or small, should be left behind. This is especially crucial if you’re looking to take your business to great heights. b n f v r m p

Slide Services
Web devices-amico


Communication is highly crucial in projects, especially those that involve collaborations. That said, Quantim provides webinars to help clients and their team members learn how to use the software.

Training at home-amico


Quantim software is easy to use and understand. All team members can acquaint themselves with the tools through our online training videos. Besides, this will also save you on outsourcing personnel to train your staff on using the software. We also offer tailor-made services based on the changes required. We are available for any queries and issue resolution from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.

remote working support and services


We provide an online demo, videos, and webinars for training and quality implementation purposes. Our videos and tutorials are comprehensive and straightforward. This way, you can quickly learn all the ropes and efficiently incorporate them into your business.



Quantim covers all critical aspects of pre-sales and post-sales, starting with a one-month unlimited free trial. During this period, your team can familiarize themselves with tools via the online tutorials.

Cloud sync-amico


During the 1-month free trial period, you will receive data migration support, i.e., we will assist you with the importation of data from other software and digital upgrade from all manual processes.

Interaction Design-rafiki


In addition to data exportation facilities, Quantim provides an API (Application Programming Interface) for additional software that requires collaboration with Quantim software & tool.

Active Support-amico


Things are swiftly changing the modern workforce is embracing remote work. That said, we offer remote support to clients all across the globe.

Cloud hosting-amico


Data backup is highly critical for any project, especially the large scale ones. Quantim’s backup support will help you create file and database copies daily, thus protecting your team from any data loss cases.

Slide Support


Can I take a trial?

Yes, you can. We provide 1 month of free trial with full support.

How can I get trial version?

You just need to fillup the demo request form by clicking the below mention link. After getting your mail to us, our team members get back to you and guide how to use our project management software. And how can you increase the growth of your business by using our project management software?

Demo Request

How Does 1 month free trial works?

When we say free, we mean free. No credit card, contract, or signature required. At the end of your 1-month free trial, simply enter your credit card information on the provided secured link by us to officially activate your account and continue using Quantim. We’ll even save all of your information, so you don’t have to start over.

What kind of businesses use Quantim?

A wide range of businesses uses Quantim. This includes architecture, civil engineering, quantity surveying, and consulting engineering.!

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