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Timesheet Management Software

Timesheet Software

Timesheet Management Software

Timesheet Software is used to track the work hours of teams and streamline the payroll process. Modern software offerings have also expanded to include features that track the time it takes to complete each task and helps managers keep the project on schedule.

What Is Timesheet?

Timesheet is in the form of paper, notebook, digital media, etc., where employees can fill it of his/her working hours in the sheet. So, his/her manager be able to see exactly how many hours each employee has worked for. In other meaning, “timesheet is a physical or virtual tools that allows you to record and keep track of your worked time.”

Definition of Timesheet

A timesheet (or time sheet) is a method for recording the amount of a worker's time spent on each job. Traditionally a sheet of paper with the data arranged in tabular format, a timesheet is now often a digital document or spreadsheet. The time cards stamped by time clocks can serve as a timesheet or provide the data to fill one. These, too, are now often digital. Timesheets came into use in the 19th century as time books.

Is timesheet helpful for your business?

In a work environment, their main use is for payroll, human resource management, and accounting. Timesheets work like a database that contains all the needed time entries for employers to pay workers fairly. These also provide the proof of your work if you don’t have another similar solution in place yet.

You can also use timesheets in project management. Knowing how much time your team spends on tasks can help you spot time management problems and improve your manner of working.

By counting the exact hours spent on tasks, you’ll also calculate the cost of the project, your employees’ engagement rate, and how many resources you’ll need.

Employees can even use them to improve their productivity. They’ll be able to see exactly how many hours they’ve spent on a task and visualize how they spent time on a daily basis.


One of the most important advantages of timesheets and the reason for their widespread use is the fact that they allow all workers to work equal hours.

Are employees wasting time at work?

It is easy to complain that your employees are not working hard enough, however having the option to back that up with real insights is invaluable.

As per the survey discovered that 57 percent of employees admitted to wasting at least one hour per day. These employees spend paid work time goofing off online, using social media, or shooting the breeze with colleagues.

There’s another hidden time waster. Many employees waste time through inefficiency. The result is we spend the day frantically working without accomplishing very much to show for it.

A recent study from sample aggregated form similar companies shows that:

• 65% of the employees waste 1 hour or less per day

• 25% of the employees waste 2 hours or less per day

• 10% of the employees waste 3 hours or more per day

Statistics even show that those born in the 1980s waste almost 4 times as much time as those born in the 1940s. Some may even extrapolate that with access to so many distractions and short attention span millennials waste the most time.

What Is Time Tracking Or Timesheet Software?

Timesheet software is a category of computer software that allows its employees to record time spent on tasks or projects. Timesheet Software is used in many industries, including those who employ freelancers and hourly workers. It is also used by professionals who bill their customers by the hour. These include lawyers, freelancers and accountants.

Time Tracking or Timesheet Software is a tool used by managers and employees to record worked hours for billing, payroll or operations. In general, they capture time spent on assigned tasks and used to automate payroll or client invoicing. They can also provide insights on your operations, such as, which tasks are taking a lot of your staff’s time and costing the most money, allowing users to plan project budgets.

Benefits Of Timesheet Software

1. Increase productivity. Time tracking software helps you optimize the work capacity of your team and each member’s. Deadlines are clear and monitored, putting everyone accountable and on the same page. Any wasted time can be easily spotted and addressed.


2. Reduce time wastage: Timesheets help you understand where you are wasting labor. They help weed out tasks that take longer than necessary, and assist you in making decisions as to how you can optimize your tasks.


3. Bill accurately: Timesheets help you in billing accurately. They are a way of letting your clients know that you handle their projects efficiently and their money is not going to waste. With timesheets, your clients don’t need to worry about constantly checking the status of their projects. They let them see how much time you dedicate to them and serve as proof of how accurate your billing is.


4. Effortless time capture. You have other important things to do aside from recording billable hours. The app takes care of the routine task of time capture and wage calculation or invoicing and even ensures the accuracy and transparency of data better than manual entries. Once you have set the rules, the whole time capture to billing or payroll process is automated.


5. Save money for your company: Timesheets let you know exactly what your employees are working on. They track efficiency of workers by comparing the amount of time they work with the output they produce. Timesheets help spot employees that perform poorly and cost your company money. By telling you who is productive and who is not, timesheets help save a lot of money for your company.


6. Promote workplace transparency. When billable hours are tracked and recorded with accuracy, disputes are avoided. You can use the data not only to calculate dues, but also to evaluate staff performance using data-driven metrics.


7. Improve accuracy of your deadlines. With clear visibility of tasks down to the details it is easy to estimate completion dates, insert a few delay cases, and you have never had a more accurate time estimation. Any unfulfilled daily task can quickly be cost in to adjust weekly and monthly deadline targets.


8. Empower employees. A more accountable workforce puts managers at ease and in control of targets. This results in trust between managers and staff and, eventually, can lead to employees being given more leeway on how to meet their deliverables.


9. Improve Project management: Timesheets are surprisingly important tools for project management in the following ways:

By tracking time on a project, they help in qualifying an employee for a new project, role, or job based on performance.

By analyzing time usage, you can determine the skill of someone in a particular area and utilize them in parts of a project for which they’re better suited.

They help in identifying areas in which a worker takes more time than allocated and needs additional training.

They are helpful in measuring the overall efficiency of your project.

They help in identifying the availability of workers assigned to a project, making it easy to distribute the workload among group members.

They enable project managers to monitor progress and anticipate delays.

They help project managers estimate expected costs and compare them to the real cost of the project during execution.

How Quantim Will Help With Timesheet Management?

Quantim is a best timesheet software, It provide a superb alternative for keeping track of all projects, whether simple or complex, by recording the time entry by each individual. That said, electronic timesheets provide a smooth transfer and sharing of real-time information to the whole project team. Here’s how your company will benefit from using Quantim’s e-timesheets:

  • Our timesheets are easy to work with and focus on three primary details – job, date, and task.
  • The use of timesheets as an employee hours tracker combined with monitoring individual tasks helps organizations keep track of performance against scheduled hours.
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Best Timesheet Software

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