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Manager view or handle the staff details, and person working on system, what is employee management system

Employee Management System

What Is Employee Management System?

Employee Management System is a device or platform where all the personal and work-related information of an employee is stored and managed in a secure way. In Employee Management System all the information like employee name, employee contact details, employee position, salary information, working history, etc. All these information are stored in a secure platform. only manager or head person can view these details.

What is the use of staff management software?

Employee management software is defined as the comprehensive set of employee management tools that an organization needs to manage employee information, engagement and performance, and drive more value across the enterprise. Employee Management Tool is not only use to just store and manage confidential employee data, they can also use for smoothly and continuously handle all employee-centric HR processes from recruitment to performance and offboarding.

Let take deep introduction about Employee/Staff Management System

What is an employee management?

Employee management focuses on the employee to ensure they are performing their best in order to achieve bigger organizational goals. In doing so, teams can capitalize on employee strengths and needs to maximize on a functional and efficient workplace.

Employee management is the effort to help employees do their best work each day in order to achieve the larger goals of the organization. There are many tasks and duties that fall under employee management, but almost all of them can fit into one of five categories:

  1. Selection
  2. Monitoring
  3. Interaction
  4. Reward
  5. Discipline

Selection entails finding and hiring the right candidates to fill open positions to keep teams and departments running smoothly. 

Monitoring includes the measuring and evaluation of employee performance, also called performance management. 

Interaction covers the day-to-day exchanges between manager and reports, as well as among peers, to communicate job expectations, company culture, feedback, and more.

The reward aspect of employee management includes the praise, recognition, monetary prizes, and other incentives that managers may offer employees as a result of high performance.

Finally, discipline describes the measures that managers may take to improve low performance, correct mistakes, and enforce company policies. 

How Employee Management System Helps to Your Organization?

Employee management systems are useful for running a smooth organization, especially organizations of scale. It assists HR personnel to keep track of employee information such as salary details, medical information, attendance/leave records, overall performance and more.

What are the Benefits of Employee Management System?

  • HR data analytics
  • Secured data
  • Keeps track of leave and attendance
  • Reduces paperwork
  • Saves HR/Manager time

How Quantim Help with Managing Your Employee or Staff?

Quantim is a best Employee Management System, that will help yo to easily mange your employee/staff work related data, like daily attendance report, working hours, contact details, leave application, etc. Our Employee Management Module help with below abilities,

1. Add Staff: After hire your dedicated staff, you need to add his/her details somewhere else. Before the employee management system, organization do a paper work system and maintain a file about the staff details. But now, there are lots of employee management tools available in the world. Our Employee Management Module will helps to easily add details of staff. In our module all the staff details stored in secure way.

2. Delete/Remove Staff: What to do if some person of your staff want to move out your organization? Before employee management system, you had to find that employee details paper, and cleared the record of that employee. Our employee management module can do it in easy way. By selecting employee ID in the database, you can easily amend/delete the record of the employee who want to leave your organization. And before delete the data you also can change the work history, and pending data if available.

3. Tracking of Leave and Attendance: Using our Employee Management Module, your staff can easily apply for a leave by selecting date. Once he/she request for a leave, then higher authorized person (i.e. Manager) get the notification of the leave apply. After getting notification, higher authorized person of the staff can approved or rejected that leave application with remark.

Our Employee Management Module can also track attendance report of the staff.

4. Assign Cost Rate of Staff: You can assign different different cost rate of the staff for different different project.

5. Maintain Staff Grade: You can also maintain your staff grade based on his/her working history.


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